A Great Synopsis of Higher Education’s Challenges

A Great Synopsis of Higher Education’s Challenges

Click on the title above (“A Great Synopsis …”) to access this article.  I think you will find it interesting.

Published in April of this year, the experience of many this fall shows the issues identified to be greater, affecting more institutions who were heretofore considered to be higher in the food chain.  While I see a lot of challenges out there, I believe there are solutions to meet those challenges.  The question is whether institutions are open to new ways of thinking or if salaries and benefits will continue to erode to make the budget balance.

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  1. I did find it interesting that the use of online classes was considered to be inferior in this article. That is, if you wind up at the institution of your choosing and are offered an online class, it is somehow a rip-off. I have seen flipped classes where lectures and notes are available 24/7 and study groups convene to talk about research or projects, with the guidance of the faculty member. Such a format could provide an enhanced learning experience, if managed properly, while avoiding the tiniest of classes that bedevil administrators.

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