Ken Lilly

Senior Adviser

Ken brings a unique blend of commercial lending, economic development and higher education leadership to bear as an advocate for the smaller institution.

Imagine a professional with nearly two decades of service as a college CFO who also has extensive experience in commercial banking, economic development and whose Masters degree concentration was counseling. This well-rounded and broadly experienced professional is Mr. Ken Lilly.

Kenโ€™s work with small to mid-sized commercial lending clients and his service with the Appalachian Bible College uniquely equips him for work in our small institutions practice (colleges of 800 students or less). He understands the issues and needs of those who contend with modest endowments and strained budgets. He can talk fluently about refinancing, understanding well what a banking partner looks for and can prepare a client portfolio that addresses each lender expectation. He is also well-versed in the intricacies of ABHE accreditation and can advocate for candidates and those seeking reaffirmation alike. And he fully understands the dynamics of people issues, motivating his staff to deliver at the highest level, particularly when human resources are stretched and the challenges are significant.

Added to all this is extensive community involvement, providing leadership for non-profit boards, economic development organizations and churches.

In short, Ken is precisely the resource needed for a smaller institution that desires to achieve the next level of performance, whether serving in an interim leadership capacity or as a trusted adviser.

Connect with Ken

(304) 731-3453