Client References

Consider these words of recommendation from seventeen of our valued clients:

I have had the privilege of working alongside Jeff, receiving the benefit of his expertise in modeling, analysis and refining operations and systems. As colleges and universities grapple with new realities and the institutional pinch-points of today’s competitive landscape, a rigorous and comprehensive approach is needed to align and allocate resources for maximum benefit. Jeff’s perspective has never been more needed. Especially beneficial for institutions that are tuition-driven, his forecasting models cover both traditional and non-traditional programs, gathering a variety of data to inform decisions. The “Financial Funnel” complements both the trending “Enrollment Funnel” and the “Enrollment Management Model” as persistence, graduation and discount rates are considered in capturing revenue projections for cohorts and classes. Jeff’s insight and analysis will provide the foundation needed to ensure that operational reporting and forecasting meet best practice standards.”
~Dr. Daniel J. Martin, President, Seattle Pacific University (WA)

CFO Colleague responded very quickly to our cry for help. Upon arrival, Jeff quickly ascertained the changes needed in order to right size our organization. His experience, knowledge, and insight gleaned from his work with over 30 schools yields great credibility and excellent and reliable benchmarking data. It is obvious after working with Jeff that he has a sincere passion to see Christian College and Universities thrive and excel in these turbulent times. Not only was his visit and associated recommendations highly beneficial but the COMP4cast model he helped us put in place will continue to provide accurate and timely information for decision making for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend CFO Colleague to those who need a seasoned outside opinion on how to be financially successful and stable for the coming years.”
~Carol Nelson, Former Executive Vice President, Oak Hills Christian College (MN)

Non-traditional student programs are the more challenging revenue streams to accurately predict. The CFO Colleague model is the first one we have found that provides a reasonable basis to forecast and track this dynamic population. The process has given us confidence in budget creation and provided a reliable management tool to identify program trends and economic viability.”
~Gene De Young, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Northwest Christian University (OR)

The CFO Colleague partnership with our leadership team enabled us to define, quantify and forecast key variables which contributed in substantive ways to our ability to develop and execute a strategy to achieve and sustain greater measures of stewardship and financial health.

I particularly found Jeff’s periodic feedback sessions extremely helpful due not only to his deeply informed financial perspective and keen understanding of the challenges for our kind of university in today’s marketplace, but also due to his honest insights into the dynamics of structure, personnel and organizational culture. Forecasting meets best practice standards.”
~Dr. David A. King, President, Malone University (OH)

We had concluded that our next step was to wind down operations and sell off our campus. The fact that we are still here is a testimony to Jeff’s work on our behalf. Today, we have a good grasp of where we are headed, thanks to the forecasting model that he provided and are addressing the primary issues that caused the crisis in the first place. Highest words of praise for the godsend that he was.
~President, Private College (US)

Jeff got down into the details, joining with us in crafting a roadmap that will shave a year off our cost accounting project and will yield a much more effective outcome. We benefited from his having been on over twenty campuses during the past year, giving us ideas and data structures we would have never thought of. Even our informal conversations, covering a variety of topics, brought needed perspective to challenging issues. A very productive three days.”
~Mr. George A. Latter, CFO and VP for Finance and Administrative Services, Point Loma Nazarene University (CA)

Jeff quickly identified critical issues relating to our financial position, budget process, and accounting infrastructure. Along with his clear documentation of our situation, he provided solutions and worked hand-in-hand with us to implement those solutions. Due in large part to his efforts and expertise, we now have a new chart of accounts and are well on our way to implementing a cost accounting system, a comprehensive budget process, and a coherent staff compensation plan. We’ve also made numerous small improvements to both administrative and academic programs. Jeff has earned the full confidence of the Board and staff. His guidance has been invaluable to the University.”
~Mr. Robert Lippert, CFO, Fresno Pacific University (CA)

When the going gets tough, the tough really need help! When I looked for somebody who had “been there, done that” I found Jeff. Jeff offered a listening ear and then provided us a simple, challenging game plan that will allow us to flourish in the future. I am thankful he was willing to humbly critique our work and offer encouraging course corrections.”
~President Hal Hoxie, Central Christian College (KS)

Two days well spent! The models and information about best practices were embraced by our senior leadership team. Jeff challenged our thinking and offered many innovative solutions. He went beyond our expectations and we look forward to future projects.”
~Mrs. Cheryl A. Book, Vice President of Finance and Business and CFO (Retired), North Central University (MN)

“Jeff was engaged inititially with the assignment to review our financial systems and reports and help us reshape them for more effective use and decision-making. He quickly determined that we needed more than this, leading us through an entire reworking of the system from the bottom up. Within six months under his guidance we had established a new system and it was up and running, with fresh and accurate reports that are allowing us to make confident decisions. In the process he has offered guidance and tools for financial modeling, data collection, cost accounting, and strategic planning that are integrated with the financial system. His advice and guidance based on his experience with multiple institutions and a powerful grasp of the interrelationships between enrollment, financial management, and university culture has been invaluable.”
~Dr. Stephen Varvis, Professor of History (former Provost,) Fresno Pacific University (CA)

The financial decisions facing today’s higher education leaders require expert analysis of current reality, combined with reliable and relevant forecasts of future performance. Jeff is an experienced practitioner who exhibits a solid grasp on the challenges in our industry and has created analytical tools and forecasting models that blend creativity and technical aptitude to enhance accountability and efficiency. In particular, his non-traditional revenue model for multiple programs and sites delivered exceptional results.”
~Dr. J. Keith Newman, President, Southern Nazarene University (OK)

CFO Colleague helped us create a five-year forecast that informed and improved our operational and strategic plans. Our investment in Jeff’s insight was invaluable and, in my opinion, the best money we’ve spent all year.”
~Mr. Rick Taphorn, Chief Financial Officer, Bryan College (TN)

Jeff brings a refreshing blend of strategy, knowledge of higher education, creativity and practical insight to working with college leadership. His extensive experience in the worlds of business and higher education lead to his challenging the status quo, encouraging college leaders to explore alternative models of delivering the student experience. Credo and our partner colleges have benefitted from Jeff’s expertise through the development of new services, creating effective mechanisms for financing high ROI projects and finding the kinds of CFO talent needed to help our colleges thrive. We are proud to have Jeff and his firm as strategic partners and I highly recommend his services to higher education leaders who have the courage to take action.”
~Mr. Tom Gavic, President and CEO, Credo Higher Education (NC)

Our college CFOs and business officers told me how refreshing it was to hear from a speaker who actually ‘got it’ when it comes to the challenges faced by smaller private colleges. He speaks from shared experiences in our world and they recognized that instantly.”
~Mr. Matt Lindsey, President, Kansas Independent College Association and Foundation and Fund(KS)

The predicted results of his [enrollment forecasting] model were incredibly accurate and an unexpected benefit was that I was able to see other trends more clearly as a result. Our leadership team is working much more closely on data that has been restructured using the CFO Colleague paradigms. We look forward to future projects.”
~Mr. David Caldwell, CFO, Trevecca Nazarene University (TN)

Jeff’s expertise in financial modeling and analysis provided the building blocks for the development of systems we used to evaluate the costs and potential long-term ROI of new and existing educational programs. This process supported a variety of program-level adjustments that, in turn, improved academic efficiency and strengthened operational performance while materially improving our overall surplus. I highly recommend his work.”
~Dr. Frank Scotti, CFO, Hope International University (CA)

CFO Colleague brought us a new chart of accounts and forecasting/budget models, along with a detailed and better communicated budget process timeline. Jeff’s work provides the means to deliver more accurate and timely projections and financial reports to our budget managers, institutional leadership team and the board. As a small institution, we found the rates to be very affordable and benefitted from the work being performed by the Principal Owner. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcomes.”
~Mr. Craig Mahler, CFO. Welch College (TN)