“Another small college to close” doesn’t have to be your headline

Confronted with an unambiguously grim financial outlook, you feel like the captain of the Titanic, iceberg warning in hand. You may have executed your fair share of panic-driven cost-cutting measures in the past, only to find yourself in the same uncomfortable position yet again. So, now what? If you’re facing a turnaround, partner with an adviser who knows the way out. Using our unique set of metrics, we’ll help you identify areas of drag and promise to plot a prosperous way forward for your institution.

We can help you…

  • Uncover the resources for turnaround and create a funding mechanism to fuel a multi-year revitalization process
  • Reduce headcount without resorting to wholesale layoffs or declaring exigency

  • Exchange falling net revenues for the growing material surpluses needed to fund the strategic initiatives that will set your school apart

Go from barely sustaining operations to building a sustainable organization.

See what our colleagues have to say

CFO Colleague responded very quickly to our cry for help. Upon arrival, Jeff quickly ascertained the changes needed in order to right size our organization. His experience, knowledge, and insight gleaned from his work with over 30 schools yields great credibility and excellent and reliable benchmarking data. It is obvious after working with Jeff that he has a sincere passion to see Christian College and Universities thrive and excel in these turbulent times. Not only was his visit and associated recommendations highly beneficial but the COMP4cast model he helped us put in place will continue to provide accurate and timely information for decision making for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend CFO Colleague to those who need a seasoned outside opinion on how to be financially successful and stable for the coming years.

– Carol Nelson, Former Executive Vice President, Oak Hills Christian College (MN)

“We had concluded that our next step was to wind down operations and sell off our campus. The fact that we are still here is a testimony to Jeff’s work on our behalf. Today, we have a good grasp of where we are headed, thanks to the forecasting model that he provided and are addressing the primary issues that caused the crisis in the first place. Highest words of praise for the godsend that he was.”

– President, Private College (US)

How we work

We begin by listening to your narrative and interviewing your entire team. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What strategies have been used in the past and how effective have they been? This entire process involves some pre-work and data gathering by your team and includes the better part of one week on-site. The price is a fraction of other providers but the results are impressive.