Strategies and tactics to deliver winning outcomes

Over the past twenty years, many colleges have used athletic expansion to drive enrollment results. For a significant number of institutions, the percentage of athletes climbed while overall revenues stagnated or declined.

Clients have asked, “Are we deploying resources effectively? Are our operations calibrated for success?”

As we attempted to respond to these questions, it became certain that financial ratios alone would not be sufficient to address such issues. We needed someone who could identify with specificity what a well-managed athletic operation looked like. Benchmarks and comparisons are all well and good but how is it that these are contextualized?

Enter Coach Steve Brooks. Two-time national NAIA champion women’s basketball coach. Coach of the year nationally once and eleven times at the conference level. Service as assistant Athletic Director and AD. Faculty member. Trusted colleague.

Coach Brooks knows athletic operations and how excellence there leads to exceptional performance in the arena. He knows the questions to ask and has the ideas and answers to move athletics from mediocre to meritorious.

In addition to Coach is our own Jan Haas. He has been integral in CFO Colleague’s service to over 200 campuses. His emphasis is in data and quantitative decision-making and he can size up the performance of any higher education function, relating outcomes against the extensive database of CFO Colleague clients.

In essence, we dive deeply into what athletic operations specifically do, along with identifying how they should perform.

Do you resonate with the questions being posed? Are you wondering about how your operations stack up against what the best are doing?  We can show you the how and the why.

Let’s talk.

Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks

Practice Leader

We can help you…

  • Break down operating processes and make specific recommendations toward better performance

  • Evaluate efficiency and financial impact using clear terms and analyses

  • Leave you with more than just numbers

Strategies and tactics to deliver winning outcomes.