Price Reset Consulting

Find out if a price reset is the right choice for you

In higher ed, sticker price has been more about conveying “quality” and less about reflecting the true cost of attendance, as evidenced by the prevalence of hefty discount rates that cut costs behind the scenes. But prices can only climb so high before sticker shock stops students from applying who otherwise would have been a good fit. As a result, we’re not surprised that the “price reset” has become a popular consideration for institutions looking to incentivize more prospective students to attend their school. But it’s not as simple as deciding to slash prices from one year to the next. If you’re ready to rethink your cost paradigm, we’re ready to assist.

We can help you…

  • Determine if your institution is a good candidate for a price reset before you invest any time or resources
  • Deploy a comprehensive plan that includes managing the “soft” areas of a reset thanks to our partnership with Credo Higher Education
  • Preview how various pricing scenarios will play out with using our best-in-class, multi-year financial model

Is adopting a more transparent tuition rate a good move?

We can help you decide.

How we work

We survey the financial profile of your student body and create a rubric that shows how many students already pay more than the proposed price and how much reduction in financial aid will be needed in order to match current levels of net tuition revenue. Then, we’ll use our 5-year forecasting model, COMP4cast, to help you and your leadership team determine the best course of action.