Dr. Andrew Permenter

Practice Leader

Dr. Permenter leads the firm’s Accreditation Strategies practice, bringing his extensive experience to bear on behalf of our clients.

The consummate higher education professional, Andrew served for over fifteen years as the Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Southeastern University. The initiatives championed by him led to a significant elevation in data-driven decision-making and quality enhancement in a liberal arts environment.  Recently, the university was named the fourth fastest growing private institution in America for the 2010 – 2020 decade, increasing from 2,400 students to nearly 10,000. His background includes participation in numerous accreditation site visits, presentations during SACS annual meeting breakout sessions and he remains a sought-after source of advice and counsel as institutions seek initial accreditation or are in the midst of reaffirmation. In particular, his efforts in quality enhancement processes have gained him notoriety amongst his peers.

He and his wife, Karen, have four grown children and live in Big Canoe, Georgia.

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