Jeff Eubank

 Senior Adviser

Jeff is an invaluable asset for institutions desiring to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting functions.

Jeff’s forty years of experience includes service as controller in various organizations, most recently at Cairn University (PA) where he was both controller and director of business services and served as interim CFO for a term.  During his fourteen-year tenure, Jeff managed the university’s daily accounting operations, banking and cashflow, student accounts, accounts payable and payroll functions. A staff of ten reported to him and delivered monthly financial reports to the president’s cabinet and board of trustees. His responsibilities also included coordinating the annual audit and IRS 990 filings along with teaching various accounting courses in the university’s school of business, serving on committees and task forces and constantly striving to improve processes and communications between various departments.

Jeff has now served a number of institutions as an interim CFO.  He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset for those desiring to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting, reporting and customer service functions.  And he has proven that the CFO can be a kindly and supportive resource for the campus community, the board, banks, accreditors and the leadership team.

Connect with Jeff

(267) 912-6263