Rachel Au

Interim Specialist

There are but a select few who can match Rachel’s understanding of higher education accounting and reporting.

Rachel’s higher education accounting experiences date back to 2014 when she served as a graduate assistant at Arizona State University. Since that time, she was employed by the healthcare firm of Kaiser
Permamente as an accountant and, in higher education, as a financial reporting manager and then CFO for a private college in California.

Her accounting expertise is exemplary and benefits those who desire a stronger system of controls along with reliable and actionable reporting. As a part of the CFO Colleague association, her most common assignment is as an interim controller but she is also available to assess and recommend changes for those in need of improvement in their accounting and reporting functions. Rather than perpetuate long outdated practices, Rachel can bring your institution up to contemporary expectations, streamlining processes and improving outcomes.

Rachel holds both Baccalaureate and Masters degrees from Arizona State in Accounting.

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